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Here are list of some useful websites. Please let us know if you would like your site to be added to these lists.
KDE websites
  • - the official home of the K Desktop Environment
  • - our sister site in Britain
  • - KDE's news service
  • - the latest KDE applications
  • - the latest KDE artwork
  • - a directory of everything to do with KDE development
  • - the KDE i18n server, the platform for KDE translators, documentation writers, XML wizards, and everybody working on "i18n" ("internationalisation"), "l10n" (localisation), and documentation of KDE
Irish KDE mirrors
  • - [FTP] [HTTP]
    HEAnet is a world class, provider of Broadband Internet services to Ireland's Universities, Institutes of Technology and researchers.
Irish Linux and Open Source Websites
  • - the home of the Irish Linux community which offers support and help to commercial and private users of Linux in Ireland, a community mailing list and many other resources.
  • - the Irish Developers Network is the professional software developers trade association in Ireland

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