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As KDE is a community led open source project, we are always in need of help, the details below relate to the KDE Ireland project, you can find further information on the KDE global project on their get involved page.
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The KDE-ga translation centre can be found on the KDE Irish translation page.

The current status of the Irish Gaelic translation can be seen on its statistics page. As you will see, the core libraries (kdelibs and kde-runtime) are completely translated, along with many other applications. Any strings that have not been translated appear in English by default.

The KDE-ga translation team is headed by Kevin Scannell ( Past contributors include Sean Kelley and Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin.
Help Wanted
We're always in need of additional translators. Please contact Kevin at the email address above if you're interested in helping. Even if you don't have fluent Irish, you can still help us by proofreading, testing, etc.

  • - the official KDE internationalisation website
  • - Aistriúchán Gaeilge GNU/Linux, the homepage of GNU/Linux Irish Translation Team
  • - the GNU/Linux Irish translation team's mailing list
  • - the KDE-ga transaltion statistics page
  • - the KDE-ga translators centre on

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